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Krishna Omkar

Corporate Lawyer | DEI Thought Leader | Non-Executive Director and Trustee | Stonewall Role Model of the Year 2018


“The visibility with which Geff put LGBTQ+ equality on the agenda in the otherwise conservative and often difficult to change world of banking is inspiring. In the process, Geff is changing the banking industry and the City as a whole. The impact of Geff’s visibility and actions is not just for a day or a month but will be felt for years to come. In my experience, a lot of people find it easy to pay lip-service – Geff is one of the very few who takes action.”


Sarah Fennell

Head of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion EMEA at Macquarie Group | Top 10 'Exceptional Inclusion' nominee, British LGBT Awards 2021


“Geff has boundless and infectious passion for LGBTQ+ inclusion. What sets him apart is that he is committed to ALL LGBTQ+ people, not a subset. Geff is a truly intersectional practitioner and creates change so that everyone can better succeed. He is also a great mentor and teacher, happy to meet people wherever they are on their journey.”


Elliot Vaughn

MD & Senior Partner at BCG | People Chair London/Amsterdam/Brussels | Member of leadership team of Pride@BCG | Founder & Chair of GiveOut | Board member of OutRight


“Geff is one of the most high energy and high impact executives I have encountered in the area of LGBTQ+ diversity and inclusion.  Geff is deeply committed to helping the LGBTQ+ community. I genuinely could not hope to encounter an LGBTQ+ executive who is doing more for our community.”


Belton Flournoy

Google UK Top 10 Black Role Models | Yahoo Finance EMpower & LGBT+ Top 100 | Co-founder, Pride in the City | Inclusion Advocate, TLC Lions


“I recently noticed that Geff has left his role at Macquarie to embark on his next professional journey – continuing to look for ways to inspire and support others.


I have known Geff for a number of years. We initial met during a Pride in the City event, when Macquarie hosted an event as part of a Pride in London sponsorship package. I was impressed that someone so senior took such a hands-on role to the coordination of the event. I was also impressed with the turnout at the event, as it was diverse, not just across the LGBT+ community, but it was also full of women and people of colour, something as many of you know is lacking at LGBT+ events at times. 


I have to say, he is not a man of few words. He has his hands in so many pies, driving success wherever he decides to place his focus. I have been lucky enough to receive some of it, via the various mentorship discussions we have held over the years which have continually challenged me to strive for more. He is a true leader who does not just strive for personal success, but extends a hand to those below him to pull them up. 


Thank you Geff for all you have done, it is truly a pleasure knowing you and I look forward to seeing what you achieve in the years to come across the UK and in support of the LGBT+ community."


Jonathan Andrews

Britain's 4th most influential disabled person, Shaw Trust Power List 2020 | Co-founder, London Bi Network


"I have worked with Geff for several years in the LGBT+ diversity arena in my capacity as co-founder and former co-chair of the London Bi Network, the first (and so far only) bi-focused professional network in the UK.


Macquarie was a founding firm of the network, and provided us with vital support needed to get off the ground. Geff was instrumental in championing our formation and the support we received from Macquarie. However, what has made Geff’s support of our network particularly notable is the sustained commitment he has given post-launch and over several years – from inviting the network to speak on the unique issues facing bi people at work to Macquarie’s LGBTQ+ network numerous times, to championing the inclusion of the first bi float in the Pride in London Parade.


Geff has been a great advocate for inclusion within the workplace across the LGBTQ+ spectrum and through his openness and work with external initiatives such as ours, has demonstrated the importance both of being authentic and true to yourself at work, as well as working to ensure others can do the same, whether they face the same difficulties as you or not."

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