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The Inclusion Imperative can provide insightful DE&I public speaking services, including as a:
  • ​keynote speaker

  • interviewee

  • panellist

  • moderator.

Geff is both an accomplished public speaker and content provider, having:

  • ​spoken at many conferences and other events

  • hosted regular podcasts

  • contributed content to multiple publications and platforms.


The Inclusion Imperative can provide strategic guidance, bespoke support and diagnostic reviews of policies, practices, systems and culture within your organisation and its teams.

This will help to facilitate improved inclusive business practices, drive organisational culture shift and promote superior commercial outcomes.

The Inclusion Imperative can design and deliver bespoke introductory or advanced DE&I (especially, but not only, LGBTQ+) training and workshops for staff and teams at all levels within your organisation, to engage your workforce and create and improve inclusive leadership practices, workplace cultures and staff behaviours in your organisation.

These training sessions can be done physically and/or virtually, and can be hourly, half-day or full-day workshops.

Typical topics include the following, although the sessions can be tailored to topics specific by your organisation:

  • Psychological safety – what it means, why it matters and how to create it

  • Conscious inclusion – including practical unconscious bias management

  • Leadership and management – at all levels: the importance, value and practice of authenticity and empathy

  • Allyship and advocacy – what it really means and involves in practice

  • Equity and belonging – what they are, and what they really mean and involve in practice

  • Intersectionality – understanding it, the importance of holistic inclusion, and allyship

  • Gender identity and expression – understanding trans and non-binary in the workplace

  • Imposter syndrome – what it really means, and how to manage it positively

  • Micro-aggressions – understanding them, their impact and how to manage and repair them


The Inclusion Imperative can work with executives and leaders (at all levels within your organisation) to help them create psychological safety within their teams – empowering the executives and leaders to embrace a people-centric focus in order to do the best for, and get the best out of, their staff, and so promote better growth, innovation and risk-management capabilities.

The approach will vary case by case, depending on person’s ambition, experience, influence and leadership philosophy, all of which will be developed in unison. The focus will always be on the role of the leader in creating and maintaining a supportive culture of transparency, authenticity, empathy and openness.


The Inclusion Imperative can work with the people in your organisation who will be its leaders of the future - line managers, ERG leads, and others with leadership aspirations 

The approach will vary case by case, but will involve mentoring them on the importance of developing their 'soft' leadership skills, such as transparency, authenticity, empathy and openness, and offering them guidance on career path management.


The Inclusion Imperative can provide your organisation with strategic and tactical guidance on:
  • submissions for indexes and awards, and

  • optimising ERG uptake, engagement, impact and effectiveness.

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